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We are passionate about providing quality services, customized to each client’s individual needs.

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The Armendariz Law Firm is committed to providing premier legal services to Menifee and the surrounding areas. This firm was established with a goal to bring legal experts together to provide the community with a comprehensive place to meet its legal needs. The Armendariz Firm specializes in Criminal Law, Personal Injury and General Civil Litigation.

Our mission is to provide clients from all walks of life the ability to beat the odds and receive the justice they deserve.

Our vision is to become the highest skilled, educated, and respected firm in our areas of practice.

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Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth. -Muhammad Ali

Bryce Armendariz

Mr. Armendariz has been involved in high stakes claims litigation from the inception of his law career. He began his legal career in Chicago IL where he served under some of the nation’s top trial attorneys. His excellence in legal drafting and analysis was at the forefront of many groundbreaking settlements throughout the Chicago area, some reaching as high as 100 million dollars. Upon moving to California he opened up his litigation and trial advocacy skills to clients facing issues with criminal charges, real estate issues, as well as still assisting major corporations and small business with general litigation matters.

Mr. Armendariz has an uncanny ability to connect with people across a wide spectrum of backgrounds. While his talent has made him a great advocate at trial, he has also uses his ability to settle conflict through negotiation and other alternative forms of dispute resolution. He brings a progressive approach that fosters communication and enables the creation of innovative solutions that would not be discovered or available through traditional legal approaches. Often times both parties can leave feeling satisfied with his results.

As the founder of Armendariz Law Firm he is committed to providing the individuals and businesses of the community with a premier legal services and the efficient resolution of justice for his clients.


We are passionate about providing quality services, customized to each client’s individual needs.